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Search Results for "Glass"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BEEEEGlass Dagger of HarvestingEnchGlassDaggerAbsorbS0491654.5
000BEEF8Glass Dagger of IceEnchGlassDaggerFrost0391654.5
000BEEFFGlass Dagger of ImmobilizingEnchGlassDaggerParalyze0591654.5
000BEEE9Glass Dagger of LeechingEnchGlassDaggerAbsorbH0591654.5
000BEF07Glass Dagger of LethargyEnchGlassDaggerStamina0591654.5
000BEF25Glass Dagger of LightningEnchGlassDaggerShock0591654.5
000BEF04Glass Dagger of MaledictionEnchGlassDaggerSoulTrap0591654.5
000BEEEDGlass Dagger of ReapingEnchGlassDaggerAbsorbS0391654.5
000BEEF5Glass Dagger of ScorchingEnchGlassDaggerFire0391654.5
000BEF00Glass Dagger of ShocksEnchGlassDaggerShock0391654.5
000BEEFEGlass Dagger of StunningEnchGlassDaggerParalyze0491654.5
000BEEF7Glass Dagger of the BlazeEnchGlassDaggerFire0591654.5
000BEF01Glass Dagger of ThunderboltsEnchGlassDaggerShock0491654.5
000BEF05Glass Dagger of TorporEnchGlassDaggerStamina0391654.5
000BEEEBGlass Dagger of WinnowingEnchGlassDaggerAbsorbM0491654.5
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