Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Iron"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0004B14CIron Mace of EmbersEnchIronMaceFire0193513
0005B47AIron Mace of FatigueEnchIronMaceStamina0193513
00089713Iron Mace of FearEnchIronMaceFear0393513
0004B150Iron Mace of FrostEnchIronMaceFrost0293513
0004B151Iron Mace of IceEnchIronMaceFrost0393513
0005B471Iron Mace of SappingEnchIronMaceMagicka0193513
0004B14EIron Mace of ScorchingEnchIronMaceFire0393513
0004B154Iron Mace of ShocksEnchIronMaceShock393513
000896DEIron Mace of Soul SnaresEnchIronMaceSoulTrap0293513
0005D176Iron Mace of SoulsEnchIronMaceSoulTrap0193513
0004B152Iron Mace of SparksEnchIronMaceShock193513
0005B47CIron Mace of TorporEnchIronMaceStamina0393513
0005B47BIron Mace of WearinessEnchIronMaceStamina0293513
00012EB7Iron SwordIronSword7259
0004602DIron Sword of ArcingEnchIronSwordShock027259
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