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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0001D4B3Ebony Mace of ExhaustionEnchEbonyMaceStamina0616100019
0001CF77Ebony Mace of ExpellingEnchEbonyMaceBanish0516100019
0001CFB4Ebony Mace of FireEnchEbonyMaceFire0416100019
0001CFC0Ebony Mace of FreezingEnchEbonyMaceFrost0416100019
0001CF2EEbony Mace of GarneringEnchEbonyMaceAbsorbS0516100019
0001CF00Ebony Mace of HarvestingEnchEbonyMaceAbsorbS0416100019
0001CFD8Ebony Mace of ImmobilizingEnchEbonyMaceParalyze0516100019
0001CEE2Ebony Mace of LeechingEnchEbonyMaceAbsorbH0516100019
0001D49FEbony Mace of LethargyEnchEbonyMaceStamina0516100019
0001D062Ebony Mace of LightningEnchEbonyMaceShock0516100019
0001D097Ebony Mace of MaledictionEnchEbonyMaceSoulTrap0516100019
0001CFD2Ebony Mace of NullifyingEnchEbonyMaceMagicka0616100019
0001CFDEEbony Mace of PetrifyingEnchEbonyMaceParalyze0616100019
0001D082Ebony Mace of StormsEnchEbonyMaceShock0616100019
0001CFD4Ebony Mace of StunningEnchEbonyMaceParalyze0416100019
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