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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
00028E79Daedric Sword of LeechingEnchDaedricSwordAbsorbH0514125016
00029543Daedric Sword of LethargyEnchDaedricSwordStamina0514125016
00028FE1Daedric Sword of LightningEnchDaedricSwordShock0514125016
00029043Daedric Sword of MaledictionEnchDaedricSwordSoulTrap0514125016
00028F46Daedric Sword of NullifyingEnchDaedricSwordMagicka0614125016
00028FDDDaedric Sword of PetrifyingEnchDaedricSwordParalyze0614125016
00028FECDaedric Sword of StormsEnchDaedricSwordShock0614125016
00028F8CDaedric Sword of StunningEnchDaedricSwordParalyze0414125016
00028E80Daedric Sword of SubsumingEnchDaedricSwordAbsorbS0614125016
00028E86Daedric Sword of TerrorEnchDaedricSwordFear0614125016
00028E89Daedric Sword of the BlazeEnchDaedricSwordFire0514125016
00028E96Daedric Sword of the InfernoEnchDaedricSwordFire0614125016
00028E7DDaedric Sword of the SorcererEnchDaedricSwordAbsorbM0614125016
00028E7ADaedric Sword of the VampireEnchDaedricSwordAbsorbH0614125016
00028FDEDaedric Sword of ThunderboltsEnchDaedricSwordShock0414125016
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