Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Bow"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BF403Ebony Bow of DreadEnchEbonyBowFear051750416
000BF40DEbony Bow of EnervatingEnchEbonyBowMagicka051750416
000BF41AEbony Bow of ExhaustionEnchEbonyBowStamina061750416
000BF400Ebony Bow of ExpellingEnchEbonyBowBanish051750416
000BF405Ebony Bow of FireEnchEbonyBowFire041750416
000BF409Ebony Bow of FreezingEnchEbonyBowFrost041750416
000BF410Ebony Bow of ImmobilizingEnchEbonyBowParalyze051750416
000BF419Ebony Bow of LethargyEnchEbonyBowStamina051750416
000BF413Ebony Bow of LightningEnchEbonyBowShock051750416
000BF416Ebony Bow of MaledictionEnchEbonyBowSoulTrap051750416
000BF40EEbony Bow of NullifyingEnchEbonyBowMagicka061750416
000BF411Ebony Bow of PetrifyingEnchEbonyBowParalyze061750416
000BF414Ebony Bow of StormsEnchEbonyBowShock061750416
000BF40FEbony Bow of StunningEnchEbonyBowParalyze041750416
000BF404Ebony Bow of TerrorEnchEbonyBowFear061750416
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