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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BF438Ebony Dagger of PetrifyingEnchEbonyDaggerParalyze06102905
000BF43BEbony Dagger of StormsEnchEbonyDaggerShock06102905
000BF436Ebony Dagger of StunningEnchEbonyDaggerParalyze04102905
000BF426Ebony Dagger of SubsumingEnchEbonyDaggerAbsorbS06102905
000BF42CEbony Dagger of TerrorEnchEbonyDaggerFear06102905
000BF42EEbony Dagger of the BlazeEnchEbonyDaggerFire05102905
000BF42FEbony Dagger of the InfernoEnchEbonyDaggerFire06102905
000BF423Ebony Dagger of the SorcererEnchEbonyDaggerAbsorbM06102905
000BF420Ebony Dagger of the VampireEnchEbonyDaggerAbsorbH06102905
000BF439Ebony Dagger of ThunderboltsEnchEbonyDaggerShock04102905
000BF421Ebony Dagger of WinnowingEnchEbonyDaggerAbsorbM04102905
000BF432Ebony Dagger of WinterEnchEbonyDaggerFrost06102905
0001399EElven DaggerElvenDagger8954
0201681FElven DaggerDLC1PrelateDagger8954
000BE19DElven Dagger of AnimusEnchElvenDaggerSoulTrap048954
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