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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0001CF31Ebony Mace of SubsumingEnchEbonyMaceAbsorbS0616100019
0001CFB3Ebony Mace of TerrorEnchEbonyMaceFear0616100019
0001CFB9Ebony Mace of the BlazeEnchEbonyMaceFire0516100019
0001CFBBEbony Mace of the InfernoEnchEbonyMaceFire0616100019
0001CEEAEbony Mace of the SorcererEnchEbonyMaceAbsorbM0616100019
0001CEE3Ebony Mace of the VampireEnchEbonyMaceAbsorbH0616100019
0001CFDFEbony Mace of ThunderboltsEnchEbonyMaceShock0416100019
0001CEE4Ebony Mace of WinnowingEnchEbonyMaceAbsorbM0416100019
0001CFCAEbony Mace of WinterEnchEbonyMaceFrost0616100019
000139A0Elven MaceElvenMace1333017
000BE1E7Elven Mace of AnimusEnchElvenMaceSoulTrap041333017
000BE1D3Elven Mace of BanishingEnchElvenMaceBanish041333017
000BE1E6Elven Mace of BindingEnchElvenMaceSoulTrap031333017
000BE1DDElven Mace of BlizzardsEnchElvenMaceFrost051333017
000BE1CAElven Mace of ConsumingEnchElvenMaceAbsorbH031333017
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