Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Iron"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000896E0Iron Sword of Soul SnaresEnchIronSwordSoulTrap027259
0005D177Iron Sword of SoulsEnchIronSwordSoulTrap017259
0004602CIron Sword of SparksEnchIronSwordShock017259
0005B47FIron Sword of TorporEnchIronSwordStamina037259
0005B47EIron Sword of WearinessEnchIronSwordStamina027259
00013790Iron War AxeIronWarAxe83011
0004B15CIron War Axe of ArcingEnchIronWarAxeShock0283011
000896E3Iron War Axe of BindingEnchIronWarAxeSoulTrap0383011
0004B156Iron War Axe of BurningEnchIronWarAxeFire0283011
0004B158Iron War Axe of ColdEnchIronWarAxeFrost0183011
00089718Iron War Axe of CowardiceEnchIronWarAxeFear0283011
0005B479Iron War Axe of DiminishingEnchIronWarAxeMagicka0383011
00089717Iron War Axe of DismayEnchIronWarAxeFear0183011
0005B478Iron War Axe of DrainingEnchIronWarAxeMagicka0283011
0004B155Iron War Axe of EmbersEnchIronWarAxeFire0183011
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