Item Codes for Skyrim, Dawnguard, Hearthfire & Dragonborn - Ingredients, Food, Dragon Claws, Soul Gems, Scrolls & More
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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
000AEBF1Dwemer CogDwarvenCog510
02006BADDwemer Exploding Fire Bolt SchematicDLC1RH05DwarvenTechBoltExplodingFire1000
0200F1C4Dwemer Exploding Ice Bolt SchematicDLC1RH05DwarvenTechBoltExplodingIce1000
0200F1C5Dwemer Exploding Shock Bolt SchematicDLC1RH05DwarvenTechBoltExplodingShock1000
000C8861Dwemer GearDwarvenGear152
000C8868Dwemer GyroDwarvenGyro152
000C886EDwemer LeverDwarvenScrapLever152
00094392Dwemer Museum KeyMarkarthMuseumKey00
00056AF7East Empire Office KeyWindhelmEastEmpireCompanyKey00
0010080EEast Empire Warehouse KeyTG04EECKey00
0005AF48Ebony ClawdunKorvanjundEbonyDragonClaw8000.5
0005AD9DEbony IngotIngotEbony1501
0005ACDCEbony OreOreEbony601
04018FBBEdla's House KeyDLC2SVEdlasHouseKey00
This page lists all of the Skyrim item codes (also known as Form IDs or Base IDs) for all of the inventory items you can find in Skyrim (anything that isn't a weapon, a piece of apparel, or a book, which all have their own pages), along with the stats you need to compare the value and the weight of each item, so that you can easily add these items to your inventory.

There are a lot of items in the world of Skyrim that can be helpful to your character, and many that just add atmosphere to the game. Exploring Skyrim's dungeons, towns, caves and more, there's a lot of loot to put in your inventory, and you'll quickly find your character weighed down if you like to collect items and sell them to vendors. Add gold, potions and other items to your inventory through the use of these cheat codes is a quick way to take some of the fun out of the game, since it's really not too difficult to quickly make gold in the game. Skyrim is an action-adventure role playing game created by Bethesda Softworks available for PC, Xbox and PS3. The first two DLCs for this game, Dawnguard and Hearthfire, are available now for Xbox and PC. Console commands can only be used on the PC version of the game. Skyrim is © 2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company.