List of Skyrim and Dawnguard Perk ID Codes
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Form IDNameEditor NameSkill
020059A5Animal VigorDLC1AnimalVigorPerkWerewolf
02011CFBBestial StrengthDLC1BestialStrength100PerkWerewolf
020059A4Bestial StrengthDLC1BestialStrength25PerkWerewolf
02007A3FBestial StrengthDLC1BestialStrength50PerkWerewolf
02011CFABestial StrengthDLC1BestialStrength75PerkWerewolf
020059A6Savage FeedingDLC1SavageFeedingPerkWerewolf
020059AATotem of Ice BrothersDLC1TotemOfIceBrothersPerkWerewolf
020059A8Totem of TerrorDLC1TotemOfTerrorPerkWerewolf
020059ABTotem of the MoonDLC1TotemOfTheMoonPerkWerewolf
020059A9Totem of the PredatorDLC1TotemPredatorPerkWerewolf
This page lists all of the Skyrim perk codes (also known as Form IDs or Base IDs). You can search by the name of the perk, or just choose one of Skyrim's skills from the list on the right in order to see all of the perks for that skill tree. Perks are a new addition to the Elder Scrolls games that Bethesda took from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. When your character levels up, you can choose a new perk, giving your character an extra ability or bonus. Unlike the Fallout games where a whole ton of perks are made available to you as your character level increases, in Skyrim the perks are categorized into perk trees based on skills, and you mostly have to unlock the perks in order instead of being able to freely choose them. Skyrim is an action-adventure role playing game created by Bethesda Softworks available for PC, Xbox and PS3. The first two DLCs for this game, Dawnguard and Hearthfire, are available now for Xbox and PC. Console commands can only be used on the PC version of the game. Skyrim is © 2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company.