Ahzirr Traajijazeri (Book0AhzirrTraajijazeri)

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Ahzirr Trajijazaeri


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<img src='img://Textures/Interface/Books/Illuminated_Letters/T_letter.png'>his is an absurd book.  But like all things Khajiiti, as the expression goes, "gzalzi vaberzarita maaszi", or "absurdity has become necessity."  Much of what I have to say has probably never been written before, and if it has, no one has read it.  The Imperials feel that everything must be written down for posterity, but every Khajiiti kitten born in Elsweyr knows his history, he drinks it in with his mother's milk.

Fairly recently, however, our struggles to win back our homeland from the rapacious Count of Leyawiin have attracted sympathetic persons, even Imperials, who wish to join our cause, but, it seems, do not understand our ways.  Our enemies, of course, do not understand us either, but that is as we wish it, a weapon in our arsenal.  Our non-Khajiiti friends, however, should know who we are, why we are, and what we are doing.

The Khajiit mind is not engineered for self-reflection.  We simply do what we do, and let the world be damned.  To put into words and rationalize our philosophy is foreign, and I cannot guarantee that even after reading this, you will understand us.  Grasp this simple truth -- "q'zi no vano thzina ualizz" -- "When I contradict myself, I am telling the truth."

We are the Renrijra Krin.  "The Mercenary's Grin