Books, including Notes, Journals, Skill Books and Spell Tomes
Form IDNameEditor NameValue
0001B00C2920, Sun's Height, v7Book02920v73
0001ACDFA Children's AnuadBook2ReligiousChildrensAnuad6
0001AFC0A Dance in Fire, v1Book0DanceInFireV13
0001AFDFA Dance in Fire, v2SkillBlock350
0001AFD4A Dance in Fire, v3Book0DanceInFireV33
0001AFC1A Dance in Fire, v4Book0DanceInFireV44
0001B006A Dance in Fire, v5Book4RareADanceInFireV530
0001B00DA Dance in Fire, v6SkillSpeechcraft160
0001B00EA Dance in Fire, v7SkillSpeechcraft260
000ED02FA Dream of SovngardeBook2CommonDreamOfSovngarde8
0001AFC4A Game at DinnerSkillAlchemy155
000ED02EA Gentleman's Guide to WhiterunBook1CheapWhiterun3
0001AFEEA Hypothetical TreacherySkillDestruction355
000A0322A Kiss, Sweet MotherBook2ReligiousAKissSweetMother6
000F1AB3A Minor MazeBook2CommonAMinorMaze8