Spells, including Words of Power, Standing Stones, Blessings, Diseases, Race Powers, Vampire and Werewolf
Form IDNameEditor NameCostType
00020E17Fire Breath - Yol [Fire]WordYolWord
00020E18Fire Breath - Toor [Inferno]WordToorWord
00020E19Fire Breath - Shul [Sun]WordShulWord
0005D16CFrost Breath - Fo [Frost]WordFoWord
0005D16DFrost Breath - Krah [Cold]WordKrahWord
0005D16EFrost Breath - Diin [Freeze]WordDiinWord
000602A3Ice Form - Iiz [Ice]WordIizWord
000602A4Ice Form - Slen [Flesh]WordSlenWord
000602A5Ice Form - Nus [Statue]WordNusWord
000EB7EBImperial LuckRaceImperialActive Effect
000E40CAVoice of the EmperorPowerImperialPacifyPower
000AA01EClawsRaceKhajiitClawsActive Effect
000AA01DNight EyePowerKhajiitNightEyePower
0006029DKyne's Peace - Kaan [Kyne]WordKaanWord
0006029EKyne's Peace - Drem [Peace]WordDremWord
0006029FKyne's Peace - Ov [Trust]WordOvWord
00060297Marked For Death - Krii [Kill]WordKriiWord
00060298Marked For Death - Lun [Leech]WordLunWord
00060299Marked For Death - Aus [Suffer]WordAusWord
000E40C3Battle CryPowerNordBattleCryPower
000AA020Resist FrostRaceNordActive Effect
000AA026Berserker RageRaceOrcBerserkPower
000E40CEAdrenaline RushPowerRedguardStaminaRegenPower
000AA023Resist PoisonRaceRedguardActive Effect
00048ACASlow Time - Tiid [Time]WordTiidWord