Quest Stages - DB01 (Innocence Lost)

5 Talk to Aventus Aretino
I heard a rumor that a boy named Aventus Aretino, in Windhelm, has been attempting to contact the Dark Brotherhood. I should find this boy and speak with him, and find out why he wants to contact a guild of assassins.
20 Kill Grelod the Kind
The mother of Aventus Aretino recently died, and the boy was sent to live at Honorhall Orphanage in Riften. He thinks I'm a Dark Brotherhood assassin, and wants me to kill the Orphanage's sadistic headmistress, Grelod the Kind.
30 Tell Aventus Aretino that Grelod is dead
200 I killed Grelod the Kind, and Aventus Aretino rewarded me with a family heirloom. Now the boy can return to Honorhall Orphanage, and live out his childhood peacefully.