Quest Stages - DB02 (With Friends Like These...)

10 Kill one of the captives
Astrid, of the Dark Brotherhood, informed me that by killing Grelod the Kind, I have robbed her organization of a kill. I have been taken captive and moved to some remote shack. Astrid will only give me the key if I kill someone she has taken captive, to "repay my debt."
30 Speak with Astrid
40 Enter the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
I have killed one of the captives as Astrid instructed, and must now gain entrance to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, which is located in the southern Pine Forest. Astrid has provided me with the correct passphrase - "Silence, my Brother."
50 Speak with Astrid
200 I have killed an innocent person, gained entrance into the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, and been officially welcomed into the Dark Brotherhood by Astrid. There's no turning back now.
220 Astrid invited me into the Dark Brotherhood, but I killed her instead. I will now never be able to join the shadowy organization of assassins.