Quest Stages - DB04a (The Silence Has Been Broken)

5 Speak with Astrid
I returned to Nazir, but he directed me to speak with Astrid immediately. Perhaps she's made up her mind about me seeing Amaund Motierre in Volundruud.
10 Speak with Amaund Motierre
Astrid has agreed to let me see Amaund Motierre in the dungeon known as Volunruud, as commanded by the Night Mother. I'm to speak with Motierre, and find out what he wants.
15 Talk to Rexus
20 Deliver the letter and amulet to Astrid
Amaund Motierre has commissioned the Dark Brotherhood to kill several people, all of which will lead to the assassination of a primary target - the Emperor of Tamriel himself. I am to report this information back to Astrid.
30 Show the amulet to Delvin Mallory
I've given Astrid the amulet and sealed letter provided to me by Amaund Motierre. I'm to take the amulet to a fence named Delvin Mallory, in the Riften Ratway - to gain any information I can, and sell it if Mallory is willing to buy.
40 Report back to Astrid
Delvin Mallory has informed me that the amulet provided by Amaund Motierre indicates he is a member of the Emperor's Elder Council. Mallory was willing to purchase the amulet in exchange for a letter of credit, which I must now deliver to Astrid.
200 After meeting with Amaund Motierre, I learned he is a member of the Elder Council, and wants the Dark Brotherhood to kill several people, all of whom lead to a primary target - the Emperor himself.