Quest Stages - DB06 (Breaching Security)

5 Speak with Gabriella
Astrid informed me that I should speak to Gabriella about my next contract, which has something to do with the Emperor's security.
8 (Optional) Steal Gaius Maro's travel schedule
10 Kill Gaius Maro
I must kill Gaius Maro, an agent of the Emperor's security force. Once he's dead, I must plant a letter on his body that will incriminate him in a plot to kill the Emperor. If I wish to earn a bonus, I must not kill him in Dragon Bridge, or on the road, but in one of the cities he visits.
20 Plant the Incriminating Letter on Gaius Maro's body
30 Report back to Gabriella
200 I have killed Gaius Maro, and planted the Incriminating Letter on his body. This will surely disrupt the security plan for the Emperor's visit, ruin Commander Maro emotionally, and make the Emperor believe the only plot to kill him has been foiled.