Quest Stages - DB08 (Recipe for Disaster)

2 Report to Festus Krex
I must speak with Festus Krex about my next target, the renowned chef known only as the "Gourmet."
4 Question Anton Virane
I have been tasked with killing the Gourmet, but only one person knows the famous chef's true identity and location - a man named Anton Virane. I must get this information from Anton Virane, and then kill him.
6 Kill Anton Virane
10 Kill Balagog gro-Nolob
I must kill the Gourmet, who is actually an Orc named Balagog gro-Nolob. Once he's dead, I must steal his Writ of Passage. And, if I can manage to hide the body, I'll receive a bonus.
15 (Optional) Drag Balagog's body to a hiding place
20 Take the Writ of Passage
30 Report back to Festus Krex
200 The Gourmet is dead, and I'm now in possession of his Writ of Passage. Soon, I will take his place as chef for the Emperor...