Quest Stages - DB09 (To Kill an Empire)

5 Report to Astrid
It would appear all the contracts leading up to the Emperor's assassination have been completed. I must now speak with Astrid, and receive further instructions.
10 Report to Commander Maro
Using the Writ of Passage issued to the chef known as "The Gourmet," I must enter Castle Dour and play the part of the culinary master, who is scheduled to prepare a feast. This will be my opportunity to assassinate the Emperor, using any tools at my disposal.
20 Report to Gianna
25 Report to Gianna while wearing a chef's hat
30 Make the Potage le Magnifique
40 Follow Gianna to the dining room
50 Kill the Emperor
60 Escape the Tower!
70 Return to the Sanctuary
It was a trap! The Emperor was actually Titus Mede II's double, and Commander Maro said I had been betrayed by someone within the Dark Brotherhood. Despite his deal, Maro has sent troops to destroy the Sanctuary. I must return there and help my Family!
200 After learning the Emperor was actually Titus Mede II's double, and being confronted by Commander Maro, I learned Maro had betrayed the betrayer, and sent troops to destroy the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. I returned there, to lend aid to my fellow Family members.