Quest Stages - DB10 (Death Incarnate)

10 Enter the Sanctuary
I have returned to the Sanctuary in the midst of the Penitus Oculatus' assault. I must assist my fellow Family members any way I can.
15 Search for survivors
20 Kill the Legion soldiers inside the Sanctuary (<Global=DB10LegionAttackerDeadCount>/5)
30 Kill Nazir's attacker!
35 Speak with Nazir
40 Escape the Sanctuary
50 Embrace the Night Mother
60 Talk to Astrid
70 Kill Astrid
80 Return to the Night Mother
81 (Optional) Retrieve the Blade of Woe
200 Not only have the Penitus Oculatus killed most of the Family members and burned the Sanctuary, Astrid also revealed herself to be the one who betrayed me. But there is still hope - the Emperor is still in Skyrim, and I have a chance to fulfill my contract with Amaund Motierre.