Quest Stages - DLC1HunterBaseIntro (A New Order)

10 Meet Tolan at Stendarr's Beacon
20 Speak with Isran
I've rejected Harkon's offer to be turned into a vampire. Now I need to return to Isran and tell him what I've learned.
30 Recruit Sorine Jurard
I've told Isran what I learned at the vampire castle. Isran has asked me to find Sorine Jurard and Gunmar, and bring them to him.
40 Recruit Gunmar
45 Help Gunmar defeat the bear
47 Speak to Gunmar
50 Recruit Florentius Baenius
60 Return to Isran
70 I've found the people Isran said we'd need to fight Harkon and his vampires. Now I should return to Isran and help him formulate a plan of attack.
200 After rejecting Harkon's offer to become a vampire, I returned to Isran and informed him of what I've learned. I helped him recruit several people into the Dawnguard who can help us fight the vampires.