Quest Stages - DLC1VampireBaseIntro (The Bloodstone Chalice)

10 Speak with Garan Marethi
Harkon has asked me to speak to Garan Marethi, telling him simply "It is time."
15 Follow Garan
20 Take the Bloodstone Chalice to Redwater Spring
I've been asked to take a special artifact of Harkon's - the Bloodstone Chalice - and to fill it from the spring in Redwater Den. After that, I need to add the blood of a powerful vampire and deliver the chalice to Garan Marethi.
30 Fill the Chalice from the spring
35 Return to Garan Marethi
40 Defeat Stalf and Salonia
While attempting to fill the Bloodstone Chalice in Redwater Den, I was ambushed by Stalf and Salonia, two vampires from the castle. I'll need to kill them before they can kill me.
50 Fill the Chalice with vampire blood
60 Return to Garan Marethi
I have filled the Bloodstone Chalice from the spring in Redwater Den, and added the blood of a vampire. I now need to return the chalice to Garan at the castle.
200 I was asked to fill the Bloodstone Chalice from the spring in Redwater Den. Garan sent me on this task suspecting that I would be followed and attacked by others attempting to overthrow Harkon. By returning the Chalice I have lessened their power and earned Harkon's favor.