Quest Stages - DLC2MQ01 (Dragonborn)

5 Find out who sent the Cultists
I've been attacked by a group of cultists. I need to see if they have any evidence of what prompted this assault.
7 Read Cultists' Orders
I've found a note on one of the cultists who attacked me. Perhaps it has some clue as to what prompted them to come after me.
10 Travel to Solstheim
I've been attacked by a group of people claiming to work for someone named Miraak. I need to find out why they're trying to kill me, and so I should look for the boat in Windhelm they used to travel from Solstheim.
20 Search for information about Miraak
I have arrived on Solstheim in search of the "Miraak" mentioned in a note as being behind the attempt on my life. Perhaps someone in the town of Raven Rock will know about him.
25 Investigate the shrine
30 Reach the Temple of Miraak
The people of Raven Rock know the name Miraak, saying that he has a temple near the center of the island. I should seek him out and find out why people have attacked me on his behalf.
200 After an attempt on my life, I've tracked the people responsible to the isle of Solstheim, where someone named Miraak has a temple near the center of the island. It's time to find out what's going on.