Quest Stages - TG02 (Loud and Clear)

10 Follow Brynjolf
Brynjolf is taking me to meet the leader of the organization he represents. He says more work and significantly more coin could be available if I join their ranks.
20 Listen to Mercer Frey
Thanks to Brynjolf's support, I've been welcomed into the Thieves Guild by its Guild Master, Mercer Frey. I'm eager to receive my first task and prove that his recommendation wasn't in vain.
30 Talk to Brynjolf
My first task as a member of the Thieves Guild involves a honey operation located just outside of Riften called Goldenglow Estate. My actions there are in direct response to the owner's sudden silence and lack of cooperation with the Thieves Guild and Maven-Black-Briar, one of the Guild's most important clients.
40 Burn three bee hives (<Global=TG02HiveCount>/3)
45 (Optional) Speak to Vex about Goldenglow Estate
47 (Optional) Enter Goldenglow using sewer
48 (Optional) Obtain the key to Aringoth's safe
50 Clear out Aringoth's safe
60 Return to Brynjolf
200 I've completed my task at Goldenglow Estate and discovered the owner's sudden lack of cooperation with the Guild was leveraged by an anonymous buyer of that very same location. Why this buyer purchased Goldenglow and is showing animosity towards the Guild is a mystery for the moment.