Quest Stages - TG08A (Trinity Restored)

10 Listen to Karliah
Before intercepting Mercer Frey, Karliah wishes to speak to both Brynjolf and myself.
20 Meet Karliah at the standing stone
Karliah has indicated Brynjolf and I are to meet her at an old standing stone just outside the Southwest Gate of Riften. Her motivations for doing so are mysterious, but I suspect it has something to do with the Nightingales.
30 Follow Karliah
40 Activate the Armor Stone
Karliah has informed Brynjolf and I that we're to join the elite ranks of the Nightingales and assist in reforming the trinity that was disrupted over twenty-five years ago when Mercer Frey murdered Gallus.
42 Equip the Nightingale Armor
45 Follow Karliah
50 Stand on vacant floor glyph
57 I've undertaken the Oath and I'm now a Nightingale, guardian of the Twilight Sepulcher and a dedicated sentinel of the goddess Nocturnal.
60 Speak to Karliah
70 Speak to Brynjolf
200 Karliah has finally revealed the fundamental mission of the Nightingales... the guardianship of the Skeleton Key of Nocturnal. This powerful artifact, normally kept safely within the Twilight Sepulcher, has been stolen by Mercer Frey. As a Nightingale, the duty to recover the Skeleton Key falls squarely upon my shoulders.