Quest Stages - TGCrown (No Stone Unturned)

5 Become a full member of the Thieves Guild
It was suggested that I show my Unusual Gem to Vex, a member of the Thieves Guild in Riften. However, I'll need to wait until I'm full member of the Guild before she'll be able to assist me.
10 Bring the Unusual Gem to Vex in the Thieves Guild
I've found an unusual gem which seems to exhibit magical properties. I should bring it to Vex at the Thieves Guild for an appraisal.
20 Recover the Stones of Barenziah (<Global=TGCrownGemsFound>/<Global=TGCrownGemsTotal>)
The unusual gem has turned out to be one of twenty-four "Stones of Barenziah." According to Vex, they have little value unless the set is complete.
30 Speak to Vex
40 Recover the Crown of Barenziah
Vex has revealed to me that the Crown of Barenziah is actually a paragon for the Thieves Guild. If I can recover the crown from Tolvald's Cave, she should be able to restore our paragon to its full strength.
50 Return to Vex
200 I've brought the Crown of Barenziah back to Vex, who has restored it to its original condition where it now serves as a paragon for the Thieves Guild.